This Is Just Embarrassing

via ESPN

I could understand if a majority of "experts" at ESPN picked the Broncos, but 12 out of 13 is a friggin joke.  Sure, the Broncos are 9-1 and technically have a better record than the Patriots, but if the officials actually did their jobs at the end of the Jets game and the Panthers game, the Patriots would be 9-1 right now instead of 7-3.  That is a fact.  And if my aunt had a dick she'd be my uncle.

I get it.  Their record is what it is.  But the Broncos arent exactly in a different class than the Patriots (for example, like the Patriots are to the Jets).  Which brings me to my point.  These guys arent analysts.  They are fanboys. They all have hardons for the media creation that is Peyton Manning and they are so stupid, they are believing the hype.

These picks really shouldnt be skewed that much toward the Broncos.  This game is going to feel like a playoff game and Manning has an incredible knack for shitting his pants in the playoffs. He's been to the playoffs 12 times in his career and has been bounced in the first round 8 times. 

There is no reason to think that this is going to be just another Broncos blowout.  We're talking about Gillette Stadium in November and a pissed off Patriots team that just got screwed for the second time this season.  But the experts dont take into account the intangibles.  They're too blinded by their hardon for Manning.