FINAL: Celtics 120 Magic 105

The Celtics are actually playing like they give a shit and honestly, its pissing me off. This team isnt championship caliber. They just arent. Yet, rather than tanking for the sake of the organization and its future championship hopes, these guys actually have the balls to play to win games. Danny Ainge must be cringing right now.

If you want to build a championship team, you dont finish in the middle of the pack and get bounced in the first or second round. That is NBA purgatory.  Before Danny Ainge came to town and starting running things, the Celtics spent over a decade in NBA purgatory and it sucked.

Ainge has to go over Brad Stevens' head and get these players in one room and tell them to cut the shit. For the sake of the organization, these guys have to suck this year.  I want to go to another championship parade and these guys are pissing all over my chances.  They have to understand that.