FINAL: Panthers 24 Patriots 20

What the fuck was that?  I mean...what the fuck did I just witness?  Im not one to complain about officiating but I just cant comprehend why a penalty wasn’t called on the final play.

An official threw the penalty flag.  Then a few seconds later, they said there was no penalty on the play and the game was over.  My mind is friggin blown.

I dont even know what the fuck to say right now.  The Patriots just got screwed.  A game that was supposed to end on a Tom Brady last minute, game winning drive was decided on a bullshit non-call and the Patriots got screwed.  Im friggin stunned right now.

The officials know they just game that game to Cam Newton, aka the LeBron James of the NFL.  And you know they just dont give a shit.  This is a town that has seen 8 championships in the past 11 years.  They have no shame screwing us on a regular season game in November.  Fucking mancunts.

How can a sane person watch this play and say that Rob Gronkowski did not get interfered with?