FINAL: Patriots 34 Broncos 31

I knew the Patriots were going to win this game. I really did. I just figured there was no way Peyton Manning would win a game of this magnitude. He just doesn’t have the balls.

Did I think the Patriots would suck in the first half, go down 24 points and then come back?  Hell no.  But I knew this was considered a statement game for the Patriots and it was in front of a national tv audience and Peyton Manning just doesnt have the testicular fortitude to win games like this.

And his lack of balls was prominently on display last night. The dude handed off the ball 48 times. How the hell does a team quarterbacked by Peyton Manning run the ball 48 times? I can tell you why. Because even his coach knows he doesn’t have any balls.  He only threw for 150 yards for Christ's sake.

On the other side of the spectrum, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have the biggest balls of them all. I mean, how friggin ballsy was it of Bill Belichick to win the coin toss and defer in overtime?  You have to have big brass ones to do that. I mean, friggin humungous.

I understand that the wind played a role in his decision, but if the Broncos were to score a touchdown, the game would be over. Yet Belichick had that much confidence in his defense and that much faith in Manning and Jack Del Rio being pussys and not throwing the ball.

And how friggin awesome was it to see Wes Welker screw up that punt in overtime?  This game had all the makings of a tie game.  Then Wes Welker did what he does best...he fucked up in a big game.

Im not taking anything away from the Patriots comeback.  I mean, coming back from a 24 point half time deficit is friggin amazing.  But lets be serious, this game was as much about the comeback as it was about the Broncos sucking.

I cannot believe people are actually picking this team to win the Super Bowl.  Anyone who watched that game and thinks the Broncos will actually win even one playoff game this year is soft in the head.

The Patriots just proved to the football world that there is not a favorite in the AFC this year.  The field is wide open and the Patriots have as much a chance as anyone else.  And considering Belichick and Brady's balls, I actually like their chances alot.