FINAL: Patriots 55 Steelers 31

I knew the Steelers sucked but shit, I didnt know they sucked this bad.

Tom Brady threw for a season high 432 yards, Stevan Ridley had a season high 115 yards, Rob Gronkowski had a season high 143 yards, Aaron Dobson had a season high 130 yards and Danny Amendola had a season high 122 yards against this pathetic team...and I had multiple sportsgasms.  What a friggin day.

The 55 points were the most scored by a team in the league this season and most the Steelers have ever given up in a game.  Not even in my wettest dreams did I have the Patriots scoring 55 points in a game this season.

Not after all the bullshit we saw earlier in the season with the rookie wide receivers pissing their pants weekly and Tom Brady overthrowing guys and looking like a shell of himself.

Anyway, about the game.  It was nice to see Gronk finally look like himself, with nine receptions and a touchdown.  And I think its safe to say Aaron Dobson shook that stupid "Dropson" nickname with that performance.  He had two touchdowns and 130 yards and doesnt exactly look like a "I think I just pissed my pants" rookie anymore.

And no, Im not going to mention the fact that the Patriots gave up 31 points to such a sucky team.  Im not going to go there because, quite frankly, after watching this offense click for the first time all season and friggin explode the way they did, it takes a real dickead to bitch and moan about a team giving up 31 points. Right now, I just dont give a shit.

The Patriots played probably their best game of the season (offensively) against one of the suckiest teams in the NFL and are now 7-2.  That's pissa.