Further Proof The Baseball Writers Association Of America Are A Bunch Of Idiots: Two Of Them Left John Farrell Off Their Ballot Completely

From NESN:
If you’ve never heard of Asuka Iinuma Brown, you’re probably not alone. After the American League Manager of the Year balloting came out Tuesday night, however, you might start to hear a lot more about her.
The Baseball Writers Association of America is asked to pick their top three choices for the award, picking first, second and third place. Instead of putting Farrell or Francona on the ballot, Brown’s ballot had Oakland’s Bob Melvin finishing first, Tampa Bay’s Joe Maddon in second, and for some reason, Baltimore’s Buck Showalter in third place.
ESPN.com’s Christina Kahrl also left Farrell off of her ballot. She voted for Francona to win, followed by Melvin and Maddon.

The fact that John Farrell didnt win Manager of the Year is a shame.  The fact that two of the voters from the BBWAA didnt even put him on their ballot is a travesty.   The voting system for these MLB awards is fucked up.  And Im not saying this as an ethnocentric, ego maniacal masshole.  Im saying this as a fan of baseball. 

The real shame of it all is the fact that John Farrell will probably never win Manager of the Year.  He cant top what he did this season.  He just cant. 

He took a shit show and turned them into, literally, the best team in all of Major League Baseball.  And he wont be recognized for his accomplishment, individually anyway, because the morons at the Baseball Writers Association of America have their heads firmly planted up their own asses.

Asuka Brown, Christina Kahrl and anyone who didnt vote for John Farrell as their first choice to be Manager of the Year can go to hell.