Jonny Gomes Putting The World Series Trophy And Boston Strong Jersey On The Boston Marathon Finish Line Was Friggin Awesome. This Dude Gets It. He Really Gets It.

When I see this, I think back to what happened at that very location back on April 15th.  I think about how I felt at that moment and the days after the bombings.  I think about the people who died and were injured.  I think about how united this city was in that vulnerable time and how the phrase Boston Strong serves as a constant reminder that the unity we felt that day is still there.  And Im not going to lie.  When I saw Jonny Gomes do this, I almost lost my shit.

Some people that arent from Boston are going to bitch and moan about how we are "overdoing" Boston Strong.  Well, those people can fuck off.  They dont get it and they never will.

Thank you, Jonny Gomes.  Thank you for this moment.