REPORT: A-Rod Walked Out Of His Arbitration Hearing Today, But Not Before Calling It “Ridiculous” And Calling MLB Investigator “Full Of Shit.” This Is Not A Joke.

From ESPN:
Alex Rodriguez stormed out of his own grievance hearing Wednesday after arbitrator Fredric Horowitz ruled that MLB commissioner Bud Selig did not have to testify before the embattled slugger's attorneys.

"This is ridiculous!" Rodriguez is said to have shouted after Horowitz issued his ruling shortly before noon.

Rodriguez then pointed a finger at Manfred, who directed MLB's investigation into the Biogenesis clinic suspected of being a source of illegal performance-enhancing drugs for ballplayers, and said "You know you're full of s---!"
[Edit: ESPN has edited their article.  They are now quoting A-Rod as saying, "This is f---ing bulls---!" and not "you know you're full of s---!" as they did earlier today.]

When all is said and done, history will remember Alex Rodriguez as a cheater and a wicked big asshole.  That's what I got out of his little hissy fit today.

This douche is nothing more than a pimple on the ass of society and has contributed nothing positive to the sport that gave him so much.  Its sad really.  I mean, he got caught cheating, red handed, and is going down kicking and screaming like a little bitch. It is so friggin pathetic.