Tim Thomas Says A Big Reason He Returned To The NHL Is So He Can Play In The Olympics In 2014. That Seems Rather Douchey.

From Sun-Sentinal.com:
[Tim Thomas] said Monday that returning to the Olympics in Sochi, Russia this February was one of the main reasons he decided to end his one-year hiatus.

"Absolutely, absolutely,'' Thomas said emphatically when asked about his Olympics hopes. "Yeah, it's one of the major factors. I only got to play [part of one period] against Finland. But the whole experience was awesome. It doesn't matter if you're playing or not in the Olympics you want to be a part of it, and I'd love to be a part of it again.''

I will never understand the enigma that is Tim Thomas.  The guy has been very vocal about his hatred for the government yet he really, really wants to use their money to go overseas and play in the Olympics.

Its almost like he is doing it to spite the government.  You know, like the rich kid who hates his dad but gladly drives the sports car that he got at graduation.  Like Ive said before, I appreciate what Tim Thomas did for this city but the guy just seems like such a dick sometimes.