WEEI Interviewed One Of The Ladies Who Kept John Farrell Off Their Manager Of The Year Ballot...And As Expected, She Is A Moron.

In 2012, BBWAA member Asuka Brown voted for Bob Melvin, Joe Maddon and Buck Showalter as her top three managers of the year.  This year she voted for the exact same guys.  Yes, she left both Terry Francona or John Farrell off her ballot this year.

Well, Mut & Merloni interviewed her yesterday and gave her a chance to explain herself.  As expected, the lady is a friggin moron. She babbled for almost ten minutes and didnt give one good reason for leaving Farrell off the ballot.

At one point there are 12 seconds of awkward silence. She gets asked a question and literally doesn’t say anything for a full 12 seconds. This lady has an incredibly low baseball IQ and the fact that she gets to vote on MLB awards is a friggin joke.

If the Baseball Writers Assocation of America has any balls, they will apologize for allowing someone so stupid into their organization then revoke her right to vote going forward.  She voted for the same exact guys two years in a row for Christ's sake.  She does not know baseball and has just proved that she is bad for the sport.

Click here to listen to the interview on WEEI.com