Wes Welker Screwed Up Big Time And Basically Gave The Patriots The Win In OT. Watch Him Call Off His Teammates Too Late On The Punt Like A Shithead.

Sure, the ball ended up touching Tony Carter, but he isnt the scapegoat here.  The bottom line is Wes Welker fucked up. He called off his teammates way too late (causing them to run towards the ball and inadvertently touch it) and his mistake gave the Patriots the ball at the 13 yard line with 3:02 left in overtime.  Boy, he must feel like shit today.

The game was basically a stalemate in overtime. Neither team was moving the ball and it just had the feel of a tie game.  Then came good ol' Wes Welker to do what he does best in big games...fuck it up.  Thanks, old pal.

Here is the play that led to an easy Gostkowski field goal.