Wow. ESPN's Hardon For Peyton Manning Just Will Not Go Away. This Was On ESPN Mobile TODAY.

via ESPN Mobile

Jesus H. Christ this is embarrassing.

Where do I even begin?  So, choosing to throw the ball a mere 36 times and running the ball 48 times is considered "using your mind?"  Throwing for 150 yards and having a quarterback rating of 70.4 is considered excelling?  And did I miss something?  The Broncos lost that game right?

I feel like living in a friggin bizarro world or something.  Peyton Manning called a terrible game on Sunday.  He was a pussy and relied on the Broncos running game to try and get them through that game and he failed.  Yet ESPN still had the balls to run with this headline.

Its been longer than four hours...its time for ESPN to call their doctor.