Are The Ravens Really THAT Good Or Do These Guys Just Hate The Patriots THAT Much? Christ Almighty.


Someone has to explain that to me because my mind is friggin blown right now.  The Ravens are not an elite team in the NFL.  They arent.  They're a "middle-of-the-pack" team at best.  Which is why this pisses me off so much.

They're ranked 29th in the NFL in total yards, 25th in points per game and they arent even in first place in their division.  Yet every single one of these assholes is picking them to beat the Patriots.  It just doesnt make sense.  It should not be this lopsided.

Just because the Patriots played like shit against the Dolphins doesnt mean they suck.  And just because the Ravens have won four in a row doesnt mean they are an elite team.  These ESPN "experts" are some of the laziest pricks in the business.