Cam Neely Thinks Shawn Thornton's 15 Game Suspension Was Bullshit. Well, Not In Those Words.

"I know Shawn's looked really ugly and it was ugly," Neely said. "And he certainly felt terrible afterward like most athletes do. I wasn't expecting 15 games."

Neely said a player's intent to injure should play more of a role in determining the discipline.  "They should start looking at intent rather than outcome," Neely said. "If you can prove that there was clear intent rather than is this guy hurt or is he not hurt?"
Neely said Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli will accompany Thornton to a hearing Friday in New York, where an appeal of the suspension will be considered.

I agree a thousand percent. Lets just hope the NHL Department of Player Safety gets their heads out of their collective asses someday soon.

I mean, the fact that James Neal, who kneed Brad Marchand in the head with the intent to seriously injure him, got less games than Shawn Thornton, who accidentally gave a dude a concussion, is a friggin joke.