FINAL: Patriots 27 Browns 26

All I can say is, thank God for Tom Brady.  He threw two touchdowns (and the Patriots scored 13 points) in the final 1:01.  That was vintage Brady.  Sure, those were the only two touchdowns he threw in the game but, shit Ill take it.

And for the first time I can ever remember, the refs blew and call and the Patriots didnt get screwed.  When Brady targeted Amendola in the end zone and the refs called pass interference, I was friggin stunned. A part of me thinks this was a make up call for the Patriots getting screwed in the Carolina game and a part of me thinks it was just old fashioned karma.

Either way, its about damn time the Patriots got a call like that.  That call led to the Patriots taking the 27-26 lead.  It sucks to be the Browns right now but the Patriots have been there twice this season, so we know how it feels.  Sometimes you just get fucked by the refs.  Thats the way the NFL works.

And I am so friggin glad Billy Cundiff exists.  The dude missed a 57 yard, potentially game winning, field goal and basically gave the Patriots another win. Thanks (again) Billy.

I honestly feel kind of dirty taking that win from the Browns but hey, a win is a win.  If their kicker sucks, that on them.  If the refs screwed up, thats on the refs.  Like I said, sometimes you just get fucked by the refs.  It happens.