FINAL: Patriots 34 Texans 31

The Patriots barely beat a 2-9 team with a nobody at quarterback. I mean, a win is a win but Christ, why do they all have to be so difficult? They did overcome a 10 point first half deficit and won the game, so maybe I shouldn’t bitch and moan right now.

Tom Brady threw for 371 yards and two touchdowns and Stephen Gostkowski made two long field goals, so that’s good I guess. Also, Rob Gronkowski was in full beast mode with six catches, 127 yards and a touchdown and Julian Edelman had 101 yards on nine catches.

But they gave up 385 total yards and four rushing touchdowns to a team that lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars 13-6 last week and literally didnt score a touchdown.  Shit.

Hey, at least the Patriots arent the Texans.  They have now lost 10 straight games, are 2-10 on the season and that poor bastid Ben Tate ran for 102 yards and had two touchdowns and his sad sack of a team still couldn’t win.  Their season is (and has been for a while) down the shitter.

Meanwhile, with this win the Patriots are now guaranteed a winning season for the 13th consecutive year.  We are so friggin spoiled.  We really are.

The Patriots are now 9-3 on the season and their remaining four games are against the Browns, Dolphins, Ravens and Bills.  Considering how this season began, if they do end up running the table and finish this season 13-3, I am going to shit a a good way.