FINAL: Patriots 41 Ravens 7

The Ravens are nothing more than a middle-of-the-pack bunch of stiffs and they proved it yesterday.  The Patriots absolutely, unequivocally made them their bitch.

In the days leading up to this game, I couldnt not wrap my mind around the fact that almost every "expert" was picking the Ravens.  I just couldnt comprehend it.  Sure, they had won four games in a row coming into this game.  But for that, they deserved a nice golf clap...not to get their balls washed by basically everyone in the media.

So, as I so eloquently predicted in my Keys To The Game, the Patriots absolutely, unequivocally kicked the Ravens square in the balls.   And that is why Masshole Sports is the most trusted media outlet in Boston.  Fuck the contrarian point of view that every other media outlet takes.

Anyway, with this loss the Ravens are now mathematically eliminated from winning the AFC North.  Sucks to be them.  They are now fighting for the last wild card spot. 

This was a game that the Ravens had to win and they didnt even run an offensive play in the Patriots territory until the third quarter.  I dont know how anyone can take this Ravens team seriously.

Joe Flacco is a friggin joke.  He has was sacked four times, threw two interceptions and didnt even throw for a friggin touchdown.  He has now gone two game without throwing a TD pass.  He certainly doesnt look like a guy about to lead his team on a deep playoff run.

For the Patriots, Shane Vereen, Tavon Wilson and Chandler Jones each had a touchdown and LeGarrette Blount had two.  Logan Ryan had two interceptions.  Also, the Patriots were 2 for 2 in the red zone.  That's pissa.

The Patriots are now 11-4 on the season.  Oh yea, and the Patriots clinched their fifth consecutive AFC East title.  Yawn.