Firemen Ed Showed Up To The Jets Dolphins Game In A Disguise On Sunday. What A Friggin Loser.

From DeadSpin:
Jets superfan Fireman Ed walked away from his chanting duties last season, but is he attending today's game without his garb? Sunglasses Ed seems toned down and tolerable.
This douchebag had the audacity to publicly announce that he "quit" being a Jets fan after the Patriots destroyed them last Thanksgiving and now he is showing up to games incognito?  What balls.

Seriously, fans dont announce that they have "quit."  It doesnt work like that.  This guy is just another arrogant New Yorkers with an inflated ego and inflated sense of self worth.  He embarrassed himself by "quitting" and now he is just making himself look like an ass. 

Actually, it seems appropriate considering the team he is rooting for.