Sunday, December 22, 2013

GIF: LeGarrette Blount Mocked the Ray Lewis Dance IN Baltimore Then Says He Asked Lewis' Permission And It Was A Tribute To Him. Im Calling Bullshit.

What's awesome about this is LeGarrete Blount knew the cameras would catch him doing it and that GIFs would be made and he did it anyway.  This dude has balls.

But after seeing this go viral, he must be scared shitless.  He said after the game that he asked Ray Lewis if he could do it and that it was a tribute and not a mockery.  He told reporters, "I talked to him one of the last times I played him, and I had his phone number still from doing a couple of appearances with him, so I asked him a while ago."

Umm...okay.  A member of the Patriots scoring a touchdown and doing a "tribute" to Ray Lewis doesnt makes sense.  Blount probably just doesnt want to end up in a body bag tomorrow.  He made fun of a known murderer, for Christ's sake.

For the record, I have absolutely no problem with Blount mocking Lewis.  None whatsoever.  Ray Lewis made a mockery of this league, of the criminal justice system and of the victim's families for years.  The fact that a known murderer was given the opportunity to do that stupid dance for years in the NFL after killing two dudes is a friggin joke. 

He should be rotting in jail with Aaron Hernandez right now.  But I digress.