If You're Wondering Why Shawn Thornton Lost His Shit For The First Time In His Career And Attacked Brooks Orpik, Just Watch This.

First, Brooks Orpik flattens Loui Erikkson and gives him a concussion.

Loui Eriksson Brooks Orpkin on Make A Gif

Then James Neal knees Brad Marchand in the head when he was down.

Marchand Neal on Make A Gif

And here is Shawn Thornton losing his shit.  Watch him throw Orpik to the ice, punch him while he was down and basically send him to the hospital.

2kNnjJ on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Im not saying what Shawn Thornton did was right by any means but there is only so much a man can take before he goes off the deep end and fucks someone up.

Thornton's patience was tested, his honor as an enforcer was tested and his integrity was tested.  And in the end, the Penguins pushed him into a dark place and he did something stupid. 

I understand the Penguins are frustrated because the Bruins embarrassed them in the Eastern Conference Finals and they're probably a little bitter because Jarome Iginla treated them like a dirty whore and left them to sign with the Bruins, but there is no excuse for what Orpik and James Neal did.  None.

Shawn Thornton has been in the league 11 years and he has never done anything like this.  These pricks from Pittsburgh brought this game to a dirty place and they turned an honorable enforcer, who has lived by "the code" for his entire career, into a monster and that is a damn shame. 

What's enraging is that stupid Penguins fans are going to call Thornton dirty when he isn't.  They'll vilify him yet treat Ulf Samuelsson, aka the asshole who ended Cam Neely's career, like a hero.

Remember, this is a fanbase that was oblivious to Matt Cooke's antics for years too.  This Thornton incident just gives us another reason to hate that organization and hate those ignorant Penguins fans who are too self absorbed to see things clearly.

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