I Dont Mean To Piss On Your Monday, But The News About Gronkowski Is Wicked Bad. Its Basically The Worse Case Scenario.

We kind of knew this was coming. But a part of me was hoping that maybe it wasnt as bad as it looked. Well, I guess it was as bad as it looked.  According to ProFootballTalk, Rob Gronkowski has a torn ACL and MCL and will miss the rest of the season.

The Patriots were ranked 22nd in the NFL in points scored through the first six games of the season (the games Gronk missed). He came back and they moved all the way up to 6th.  Now we're back to square one.

Remember what it was like for the first six weeks of the season when Rob Gronkowski was out? Remember Brady force feeding his young receivers and remember how badly this offense sucked? Yea, here we go again.

Oh, thats right.  Aaron Dobson is hurt too.  I guess Brady is going to have to target Danny Amendola a lot more.  And we are going to have to watch him get squashed like a bug on a windshield and go on the IR again.  Or maybe the Patriots will just run the ball more.  Oh, thats right.  Stevan Ridley doesnt know how to hold onto the ball anymore.

This season just sucks.