Jacoby Ellsbury Took Out A Full Page Ad In The Boston Globe Today And Wrote A Very Generic, Half-Assed Thank You To Red Sox Fans.

Really? That's all he has to say? Jarrod Saltalamacchia wrote a 1,000 word, heartfelt thank you letter to Red Sox fans last week (read it here) and all Ellsbury does is wash his own balls a bit, post a picture of himself with the World Series trophy and said, "thank you?"

Well, here's my response:

The Red Sox twice tried to sign Jacoby Ellsbury to a contract extension.  Once in 2011 and once in 2012 (via ESPN).  And each time, he said no thank you.

So, anyone who thinks he is not a money grubbing whore who sold out to the highest bidder is fooling themselves.  He is a phony, he is a greedy prick and he never cared about us.

Mike Napoli could have got more money and more years somewhere else and he didnt.  Dustin Pedroia signed a team friendly contract extension last season and didnt even bother to test free agency.  Ellsbury is the antithesis of these two guys.

And on top of everything I just said, he has the balls to sign with the New York Yankees of all teams?  We have every right to hate his friggin guts right now.