Last Night Kevan Miller Scored His First NHL Goal...And Got His Face Crushed By Dion Phaneuf. Poor Bastid.

First this happened:

Kevan Miller on Make A Gif

Then, this happened:

This wasnt even called a penalty.  I dont want this blog to turn into a bunch of chronic bitching and moaning, but when is this bullshit going to end? The NHL is trying to eliminate this kind of bullshit, yet the on ice officials just let this go.

They officials have to get their heads out of their asses and the players have to learn how to respect each other, otherwise these games are going to get more and more ugly.

Phaneuf is lucky this happened with only about two minutes left in the game otherwise I guarantee a Bruin would have taken his number and policed themselves.  And things would have gotten ugly and people would have called the Bruins the dirty team.

Like I said, the bullshit has to end.  Phaneuf will reportedly have a phone hearing with the league on Tuesday.  Stay tuned.