Milan Lucic Is Going To Sue The Asshole Who Tried To Start A Fight With Him This Weekend And I Think He Is All Set With The City Of Vancouver Too.

After getting attacked by some asshole outside a bar in his hometown, Milan Lucic had some strong words for the people of Vancouver .  He met with the media and said the following:
“From this point forward, I'm looking to pursue this in a legal manner. That's probably as much as I can say now. Like I said, I was the victim of the attack. I didn't engage in the attack as you can see in the video. I showed restraint by not retaliating in a physical manner and that's basically it.”

"It's in my hometown and going back to the spray-painting of the church and my grandparents and parents and family getting harassed during the Finals against the Canucks in 2011 and now it's escalated to a point where I get attacked for just minding my own business."

“I have no reason left to defend my city and the people of my city. I'm just disgusted and outraged that it came to something like that. As far as that goes, other than being at Rogers Arena, nobody will see me in downtown Vancouver ever again.”

These are the people who burned down their own friggin city after the Canucks lost in the Stanley Cup Finals.  Im surprised it took Lucic so long to see the light.

If you havent seen the video of the stupid fuck trying to start a fight with Lucic, here it is: