REPORT: The Knicks Want Rajon Rondo To Demand A Trade…To The Knicks. That's Rather Douchey Of Them.

From ESPN:
According to league sources, the Knicks' first prong is to try to attract the Celtics' Rajon Rondo. This idea has been tossed around in various forms for a while now, it's not shocking. But the way the Knicks are hoping to get Rondo is a little unusual.

The Knicks are hoping Rondo will be interested in making a maneuver similar to what Anthony did back in 2011 and eventually try to force a trade to the Knicks, sources said. That may seem contrived, yes, but this isn't a made-up scenario. It is a genuine option. You have to give the Knicks this: It has worked before.

Like with Anthony when he applied pressure to the Denver Nuggets by threatening to leave in free agency, the Knicks wonder if Rondo will be able to have a say in where he might be traded if the Celtics end up fearful he'll leave in free agency.

So, the Knicks basically want Rajon Rondo to threaten to leave the Celtics via free agency and then demand a trade to the Knicks. That is their strategy for acquiring him. That is a wicked douchey way of doing business.

I thought the Yankees were douchey for throwing ridiculous money at free agents and basically stealing other teams' best players.  This is so much more unprofessional and unethical.  I mean, who the hell are they to tell another team’s best player to demand a trade? 

As soon as that article was published, the commissioner should have stepped in told them to shut their yaps.  They are basically tampering with another team's player.  On top of that, they're urging Rondo to basically bust Danny Ainge's balls and make his job a lot harder than it already is.

The Knicks organization is a friggin joke and the people running it arent businessmen, they are assholes.  That is not how you do business.  I really hope Rajon Rondo calls out the Knicks for their unprofessionalism and goes on the record and tell them to shove their unethical strategy up their ass.

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