So, Jacoby Ellsbury Is Headed To The Yankees.

Two World Series rings, three stolen base titles, a Gold Glove award and an All-Star appearance...all gone.  Its all been erased.  No one will talk about him anymore and no one will celebrate what he accomplished here.  He is fucking dead to us.

If you own his jersey, you might as well throw away it away.  Actually, you might as well burn it and post the video on youtube and get your moneys worth (then email me the link so I can post it here, please).

I mean, anyone but the friggin Yankees.  He knew the moment he decided to sign with him that his legacy would be destroyed.  And he chose to do it anyway.  If he signed with his hometown Seattle Mariners, no one would have given two shits.  But he would have left money on the table.  Greedy prick.

What pisses me off more than anything is that guys like Dustin Pedroia and Jon Lester signed team friendly extensions a long time ago because they love playing here and Jacoby Ellsbury never did.  He basically went through the motions until he became a full blown free agent then chased the money.  That's wicked douchey.

And the guy isnt worth the money the Yankees just threw at him either.  He just isnt.  He will be making more than Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz combined in 2014 ($21.9M versus $21.8M).  That is friggin ridiculous.

In his seven seasons here, the Red Sox paid Ellsbury a total of $20.8 million.  Now the Yankees are paying him over $20 million a season.  The fact that the Yankees gave this pussy the money they did is just further proof that the Yankees are a dysfunctional, poorly managed organization and are bad for baseball.

They now have seven players making over $18 million a year....and they didnt even make the playoffs last year.  They have become a friggin joke.  And if they think Jacoby Ellsbury is going to bring them to the promised land, they are soft in the head.

This guy is going to be on the DL more than he is on the field and its going to be just another bad signing for the Yankees.  He is basically going to steal money from them and get bashed in the media and he wont even give two fucks because he'll be cashing checks bigger than I will ever see in my lifetime.  Prick.