So, Robinson Cano Has Signed A 10-Year, $240 Million Contract With The Mariners. We Should All Appreciate Dustin Pedroia Today For Not Being A Dick Like Cano.

So, Robinson Cano just signed a 10 year, $240 million contract with the Mariners. 

Remember, back in July Dustin Pedroia signed a team friendly contract extension for 8 years, $110 million.  Pedroia could have played out his contract and let Cano set the market for second basemen and chased the green stuff.  But he didnt.

He didnt play the role of money grubbing whore.  He loves this city and he love us.  The dude basically left millions on the table to stay here and win here.  We should all appreciate Dustin Pedroia a little more today.