That Piece of Shit James Neal Has Only Been Suspended Five Games For Trying To Break Brad Marchand's Neck. What The Hell Has The NHL Become?

James Neal,  just like former Penguin douchebags Ulf Samuelsson and Matt Cooke before him, intended to end someones career the other night.  And he got nothing more than a slap on the wrist. 

You read that correctly.  James Neal only got a five game suspension for basically trying to break Brad Marchand's neck.  

Marchand Neal on Make A Gif

The NHL seems so ass backwards on some of their suspensions sometimes.

This is a clear case of a guy who should have been suspended for the intent but instead was suspended for the result.  8-10 would have been more appropriate.  I guess Brad Marchand should have played dead possum and claimed he had a concussion or something like some of the other pussies in this league do.

Im thinking the league went low because they knew a hefty suspension would have been big news and they dont want their precious Penguins to get a reputation for being a dirty team.

Hell, Pascal Dupuis literally broke Chris Kelly's leg with a slash and he reportedly wont even have a hearing.  If a Bruin slashed someone on the Penguins and broke his leg, the hockey world would be going apeshit and he'd probably be looking at a lifetime ban.

The Penguins are a dirty team.  That is a fact.  And the idea of the league protecting them and making sure they have this pristine reputation is disgraceful.

The next time these two teams meet (which may be in the playoffs) it is going to be a frigin bloodbath and the NHL's Department of Player Safety will have blood on their hands.  Yet I guarantee people will be blaming the Bruins if/when their in another ugly incident.  And that is a goddamn shame.