The Bruins Are Playing The Sabres Tonight For The First Time Since John Scott Tried To End Loui Eriksson’s Career.

John Scott Is A Piece Of Shit

John Scott is a six foot, eight inch, 270 pound piece of shit. Remember, Loui Eriksson got a concussion on this play and the piece of shit got an eight game suspension.  But not before Adam McQuaid punched him in the face twice and tossed him to the ice like a rag doll.  Here's the play as it happened, including the fight:

I wonder who the piece of shit will target tonight.  I mean, he must be licking his chops right now.  The dude is the textbook definition of a "dirty player" and with both Shawn Thornton and Adam McQuaid out, he knows he can get away with a good one tonight.  Stay tuned.