The Latest Poll Results Are In.

via SportsNation

This shouldnt even be close.  Peyton Manning has a 9-11 career playoff record and has been bounced in the first round the last two years.  Tom Brady has a 17-7 career playoff, made it to the AFC Championship game last season and the Super Bowl the year before.

On top of what I just said, the Patriots can clinch the #1 seed in the AFC this Sunday if they win and the Broncos lose.  The bottom line is, Brady is doing a lot more with a lot less this season and is probably the scariest quarterback going into the playoffs this season.

But people get so caught up in the fact that Manning broke Brady's single season touchdown record this season that they forget that he is a chronic playoff choker.

This poll should be Brady 100% and Manning 0%.  It is sad to think there are this many stupid people in this country.

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