VIDEO: Jake Peavy Was So Pissed At A.J. Pierzynski Once That He Shoved Him And Chased Him Down The Dugout Hallway.

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How ironic that the two of them are teammates again.  Anyway, I dont think it was a big deal.  Pierzynski and Peavy have said that its behind them.

After that game, Pierzynski told the media, "we're fine.  I love Jake Peavy. He's a great competitor, and in the heat of the moment, things happen."  Peavy also says it was no big deal.  After the game he said, "I love A.J. Pierzynski to death.  Me and A.J. have absolutely no beef and have had no beef since I've been over here." 

That being said, its going to be interesting to see two guys with such strong personalities on the same team.  Sure, Pierzynski is known as a prick, but as long as this team wins and has character guys like Jonny Gomes and Shane Victorino to loosen everyone up, Im fine with having a huge prick on this team.