And The First Asshole On The Broncos To Talk Shit About The Patriots Is (drumroll please) Safety Mike Adams.

Broncos safety Mike Adams was talking to reporters yesterday and for some reason, felt the need to shit on Julian Edelman, a dude who had over 100 receptions on the season and over 1,000 yards (105 and 1,056 to be exact).  He was asked to compare Welker and Edelman and said:
“I can’t compare the two because Wes is — he’s something special. He can jive up the ball and then speed out and have you off balance. Edelman, he doesn’t do that. He’s a one-speed guy. He doesn’t have the same ability or the quickness that Wes has in the slot."

Its like this prick is bragging and declaring, "na na, my guy is better than your guy."  It's unnecessary, unprofessional and just childish.  No one on the Patriots would shit on a Denver Bronco while bragging about one of their own.  They just wouldnt.

For this guy to belittle a player who has been one of the Patriots most productive offensive players less than a week before the AFC Championship game is just douchey.  This guy needs to learn how to shut the fuck up.