Deion Branch Will Earn $23,000 For The Game This Saturday. So, For A Mere $23,000 He Is Willing To Ruin The Patriots Super Bowl Hopes And Destroyed His Patriots Legacy.

The playoff share for the divisional round is $23,000. So, for $23,000 Deion Branch just sold his soul and potentially lost all good will he earned around here.  That is pathetic.

The truth is, we will never know if he did or did not give away Patriots secrets to the Colts. What we do know is that the Colts' only motive for signing him was to pick his brain and reveal the secrets to the Patriots playbook.  Hell, there is a report out there that he wont even be active for the game.

So, if the Patriots lose this game, Im not blaming injuries. Im not blaming poor play by the offensive line or the secondary or anything that may potentially happen.  Im also not giving credit to Andrew Luck.  No matter what happens, Im blaming Deion Branch.

And if the Patriots do lose this game, I am left with no choice but to shit on Deion Branch until I am psychologically over the loss.  

I dont want to.  I want to his legacy around here to be intact.  I want to remember him as a two time Super Bowl champion and former Patriot great, but the reality is the guy is a turncoat and he has left me with no choice.  His legacy will forever be tarnished for a mere $23,000.

Im not surprised the Colts found someone desperate enough for money to sign on the dotted line and screw Bill Belichick.  Honestly though, I am surprised and deeply disappointed that it was Deion Branch.  Tom Brady must be too.

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