FINAL: Patriots 43 Colts 22

21 points. In the end, the Patriots beat the Colts by 21 friggin points. They scored 43 and Tom Brady didn’t even throw a touchdown pass. What a complete and utter sportsgasm.

And people were actually picking the Colts to win this game. What a joke.  They are the definition of a one trick pony. They have Andrew Luck and that’s it. They dont run the ball particularly well, they have a weak secondary and they cant stop the run.  And last night, Bill Belichick exposed every one of their weaknesses because he is Bill Fucking Belichick.

Meanwhile, the Patriots showed just how deep they are. They had a total of 234 rushing yards and six rushing touchdowns including a Patriots post season record four by LeGarrette Blount. Are you friggin kidding me?  The Patriots don’t just have a running game. They have a dominate running game.

Oh yea, and they have Tom Brady too. The Broncos and Chargers must be shitting their pants right now at the prospect of facing this team.

I mean, they scored 43 friggin points and Tom Brady didn’t even throw touchdown for Christ’s sake. And they have finally found a way to score in the Red Zone without Rob Gronkowski.  They were 5 for 6 in the Red Zone last night. This team is scary good right now.

And next week, they will be playing in their third straight AFC Championship game. They friggin own the AFC. And for the record, Tom Brady now has 18 wins. That is literally twice as many as Peyton Manning. The next time someone tells me that Peyton Manning is better than Tom Brady, they will get punched in the face.