Sunday, January 19, 2014

GIF: Here's The Wes Welker Hit On Aqib Talib That Knocked Him Out Of The Game. That Was A 100% Bitch Move.

Wes Welker Is A Dick

After the game, Bill Belichick commented on the hit and called it, “one of the worst plays I’ve seen." He went on to explain, “it was a deliberate play by the receiver to take out Aqib. No attempt to get open. I’ll let the league handle the discipline on that, it’s not for me to decide."

What's awesome is that this isn't a case of Bill Belichick bitching and moaning about not getting a call.  And this isn't a case of Bill Belichick blaming the loss on Wes Welker.  This is a case of Bill Belichick telling the world that Wes Welker is a bitch.  That's it.

He knew that these comments would make headlines.  He played the media like a fiddle and it worked perfectly.  Kudos to Belichick for boldly declaring to the world that Wes Welker is nothing more than a dirty little bitch. 

On a side not, the league really should do something about the size of Welkers helmet.  Since coming back from his second concussion, the dude is basically wearing a friggin alien helmet and is using it to launch himself at guys.  The league has to look at this.  Here's a picture (real, not photoshopped):

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