REPORT: The Colts Have Signed Deion Branch. Yes, Former Patriots Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch.

From ProFootballTalk:
Ten years after Deion Branch won a Super Bowl MVP award with the Patriots, he’s going to try to keep the Patriots from this year’s Super Bowl. Branch signed with the Colts today, five days before Indianapolis plays a divisional playoff game at New England.

My best guess is that the Colts front office is trying to mindfuck Bill Belichick.  That is the only reason they would sign Deion Branch five days before a playoff game with them.  Nice try. It wont work.  Belichick wont give a shit that he signed with them.

If they are hoping to pick his mind for information about the Patriots' playbooks, they are idiots.  I mean, even if he did spill his guts, its going to take a lot more than that to beat Tom Brady and the Patriots in a playoff game.

Best case scenario, Branch goes in there and works as a double agent, feeding them a bunch of bullshit that they think are real Belichickian secrets and sabotages their playoff chances....and steals whatever money they are paying him.  Stay tuned.