REPORT: Jerry Remy Will Return To The NESN Booth In 2014.

From NESN:
Jerry Remy informed the media Monday that he will be in the booth for his 27th season as a Boston Red Sox analyst for NESN. “We look forward to having Jerry back in the booth for the 2014 season,” NESN president and CEO Sean McGrail said. “It was a difficult personal decision for Jerry to make and all of us at NESN and the Red Sox are completely supportive of his return to our broadcast.”
Im not going to sit here and write some pseudo-sociological analysis.  The bottom line is some people are always going to associated Jerry Remy with his dickhead son.  And those people are always going to think Jerry should get out of the public eye and never broadcast another Red Sox game.

Im actually glad he's coming back. Sure, his son is a scumfuck, but that doesnt mean he deserves to be unemployed for the rest of his life.  It really is that simple.

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