The Mainstream Media's Annual "Tom Brady Is Old" Article Is Out. This Time Its Chris Gasper Of The Boston Globe Spewing The Bullshit.

This is an article from the Boston Globe on January 8, 2014 (dont bother reading it.  Its bullshit):

The reason Im calling it bullshit is because we've heard this song and dance before. Just about once a year, we get an article just like this.

In 2013, it was the Sentinal &Enterprise who gave us the obligatory article:

In 2012, it was Michael Hurley of CBSBoston:

In 2011, it was Jackie MacMullan of ESPNBoston:

Peyton Manning is older than Tom Brady isnt he?  Why is it that Ive never seen one "Peyton Manning's time is running out" article?  But I digress.

So anyway, these "experts" have been spewing this bullshit for years.  It is just copy-and-paste journalism.  That's all it is.  It was bullshit back in 2011 and it is still bullshit.  Actually, this years article is probably the steamiest pile of bullshit considering Brady had basically no one to throw to and the Patriots still finished 12-4 and the #2 overall seed in the AFC. 

Tom Brady is not getting worse with age.  He is not running out of time and he is not showing any signs of being a has-been.  Sure, we are all getting older and time, technically, is running out on all of us.  But to say Tom Brady doesnt have much left in the tank or that the Patriots have to be more urgent in order to "win one more for Tommy" is bullshit.

The mainstream media should stick to hard news and let us bloggers take care of the editorial commentary.  At least we keep it fresh.

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