The Denver Post Is Getting Douchier By The Day.

Earlier this week, the front page of the Denver Post's sports section had a headline calling Bill Belichick a "grump."  Well, this was the front page of the Denver Post sports section yesterday:

In the article, some douche named Mark Kiszla basically brags about how the Broncos wont let Massholes into their stadium. 

No offense to proper Bostonians or any wicked arrogant fan of the New England Patriots. But the Broncos do not want you here in Denver. The local NFL franchise did not give blood, sweat and tears all season long to surrender its home-field advantage to an invasion of loudmouths from New England. No chowderheads allowed.

One of the most magical rides in Denver sports history was Rocktober 2007. The scrappy local baseball team refused to lose, winning 21-of-22 games en route to the World Series.

Then, the magic ended with a thud ... and the ugly sound of Boston fans chanting in LoDo, as the Red Sox swept the World Series. An ill-conceived ticket policy gave access to so many loudmouth New Englanders to Coors Field that the Rockies might as well have played Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" during the eighth inning of Game 4.
Well, enough of that sorry noise. The Broncos found an inventive way to shut them up. In the House of Manning, there will be no chowderheads allowed.

The truth is, this guy sounds like an insecure, whiny little bitch.

If this game were being played at Gillette Stadium, I guarantee Mr. Kraft wouldnt limit ticket sales to people of New England.  Why?  Because Massholes would drown out any arrogant Broncos fans in attendance, not that any of those entitled pricks would have the balls to show up in Broncos gear.

The fact that they are excluding people of Massachusetts just means the Broncos organization is scared.  They are scared shitless that Peyton Manning is going to choke again.  They know what's on the line.  They get it.  And they know Massholes, if given the chance, would flood that place and make it Gillette Stadium West.  The people who run that organization are pussies.

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