The Latest Poll Results Are In. And Connecticut Can Go Straight To Hell. Im So Sick Of Their Bullshit.

I need to vent. I just want to verbally beat the shit out of someone. Well, welcome to ring, Connecticut.

Technically, you are a New England state. Technically. But the reality is, most of your sad excuse for a state is filled with Yankee and Giants fans.  Anytime one of these polls comes out (which are a good metrics for how people are feeling in this country) you twats dont support the hometown team.  That is a fact. 

And the fact is, you arent one of us.  You dont bleed Boston sports the way we do.  As far as Im concerned, Connecticut is no longer a part of New England.  That state is friggin dead to me.

I havent added anyone to my shit list in a while, but today I am officially adding the state of Connecticut to my shit list.  That means any chance I get, Im going to pounce on your ass and humiliate you with the venom of a pissed off Masshole.  Congratulations, dickheads.