The NFL Has Released A Video Explaining Why The Wes Welker Hit Was Legal. It Seems Like They Really Want To Shove Belichick's Words Up His Ass.

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"Bill Belichick called Wes Welker's block of Aqib Talib 'deliberate' and 'one of the worst plays (he'd) ever seen.' The NFL's take on the block that ended Talib's afternoon? Deliberate? Potentially. Dirty? Nope.

Thats a rather douchey way to open an article on the NFL's official website.

Anyway, I get the impression that they only made this video to make Belichick look like a dick.  They could have just issued a statement.  There was no need for the NFL's vice president of officiating to go on the NFL Network, stand in front of a huge flat screen tv and explained in detail why Bill Belichick was wrong.  That seems so douchey.

In the video, this guy Dean Blandino says the NFL has been in contact with Bill Belichick and that they still have a "difference of opinion."  Im going to guess Belichick told him that he was full of shit.  I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during that conversation.

On a side note, Seahawks players have come out and said the Wes Welker hit was dirty and that they are "ready for his tactics." Maybe I will watch the Super Bowl after all...just to see Wes Welker take his medicine.