The Red Sox Have Reportedly Signed Outfielder Grady Sizemore. In Other News, Grady Sizemore Reportedly Really Likes Taking Shirtless Picture Of Himself.

So the Red Sox have signed Grady Sizemore.

This guy has had five major surgeries in the past four years--left knee surgery in 2010, hernia surgery in 2011, right knee surgery in 2011, back surgery in 2012 and right knee surgery yet again in 2012--and hasnt even played in the majors since 2011.

Sure, they got him relatively cheap ($750,000 for one year) and on an incentive laden contract, but this signing just doesnt make any sense.  The dude is the textbook definition of damages goods.

Im thinking the Red Sox only signed this guy in order to please the Pink Hats after Jacoby Ellsbury left.  I mean, the internet is plastered with shirtless selfies of this guy:

And here is a collage for all the female Massholes out there:

If you have any doubt that these pictures are really of Grady Sizemore, simple google: "Grady Sizemore shirtless."  They're him.

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