The Sporting News Ranked Tom Brady As The Worst Quarterback Left In The Playoffs. You Have Got To Be Shitting Me.

Through this inexact science and given the rough property that QB = SB, this should tell us that Manning’s Broncos or Luck’s Colts will face Wilson’s Seahawks in this year’s Super Bowl. Given there’s a little separation overall in this group of great passers, the one who emerges will prove to be the best of 2013. 

1. Manning, Luck, Wilson — 28 
4. Brees — 22 
5. Newton — 21 
6. Rivers, Kaepernick — 19
8. Brady — 15

The author of this "article" didnt use stats.  He didnt take into account playoff history or testicular fortitude (aka the size and density of the quarterback's balls).  It is basically an op-ed piece.  It is just one mans opinion.  One man who happens to write for a major publication that gets a lot of attention--The Sporting News.

I sat on this story all day.  I heard about it yesterday and wasnt going to response because I thought this guy was nothing more than a highly paid internet troll.  But everyone seems to be talking about it today.  Its been all over Twitter, Facebook and talk radio.  So, I guess I have to say something.

And my official response is this: Vinnie Iyer (@vinnieiyer), the author of this op-ed piece, is full of shit.

Im not going to rattle off a bunch of numbers.  I dont have to.  I have two eyes and Im not a fucking moron like this tool, Vinnie Iyer.  Tom Brady has accomplished more in the playoffs than any of the other quarterbacks on that list.  Even at 36 years old, he friggin owns the post season (remember, he has made it to the AFC Championship game for the past two seasons).  And this season, he has done a lot more than any of those guys with a lot less.

Saying that anyone is better than Tom Brady in the post season is idiotic. Period.  End of story.  Let's move on.

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