VIDEO: In Honor Of Mumbles Menino Stepping Down As Mayor Of Boston, Here Are His Classic Sports Screw Ups One More Time...For Old Times Sake.

There was that one time he referred to Vince Wilfork as, "Wilcock" while wearing his jersey.

There was that time he called KG and Rondo, "KJ and Hondo."

One time he referred to Gronkowski and Welker, "Grubowski and "Wes Weklah."

After the Bruins won the Stanley Cup, he called them "great ballplayers" on and off the ice.

There was that time said he wanted to see the "World Series Cup" come back to Boston.

And here is the classic video of him reminding us of the "ionic" moments in Boston sports history including Varitek splitting the uprights (at the 1:00 mark):

Thanks for the memories, Mr. Mayor.  You will always be wicked pissa in my books.