Some Dude Is Threatening To Sue The Red Sox Over The Use Of "B Strong" Unless They Compensate His Charity. I Shit You Not.

Gary Aboud, father of Braden Aboud who died in 2007, said the foundation [The Braden Aboud Memorial Foundation] has been in legal discussions with the baseball team for several months over "B STRONG," which has been trademarked by the foundation for almost seven years.

The Red Sox have offered a joint-licensing agreement that would recognize the Braden Aboud Foundation as the owners of "B STRONG," and allow the baseball team to use it.

Aboud said they may have to file a lawsuit within the next couple of months against the Red Sox and Major League Baseball.  "We're at an impasse and I'm afraid soon we will be going to court over it. The hold up is any compensation for the foundation," Gary Aboud said.  "It is becoming almost a full-time job to protect this name."

Is this guy a douche or is he just protecting his brand?  Im honestly confused.  I mean, he turned down a joint-licensing agreement and then says that he wants the Red Sox to give money to his charity.  Im not a lawayer, but this reeks of extortion.

And honestly, the two logos look nothing alike.  There is no way someone in Texas would confuse the Red Sox "B Strong" with the Braden Aboud Memorial Foundations "B Strong."

I dont know, Im leaning towards thinking that this guy is just a prick.

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Zdeno Chara Did A Commercial For Something Called Warrior Sports And It Friggin Weird.

VIDEO: Tim Thomas Fell On His Ass And Still Made An Awesome Save On Capitals Defenseman Mike Green Last Night.

Its a really slow sports day, so here is a Tim Thomas highlight. Watch him stop Mike Green on the breakaway despite falling flat on his ass.  

The Red Sox Are Playing A Double Header Today And Wont Even Bother To Televise It...And I Think They Are Kinda Busting My Balls About It.

via @RedSox

I cant tell if the Red Sox are being nice or being ball busters.  Either way, it sucks that neither game will be on tv.

Sure, they're playing a couple of college teams (Northeastern and Boston College) but I really want to just sit back and watch a baseball game right now.  Its cold out, the Bruins lost last night and I just need some friggin baseball.

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FINAL: Sabres 5 Bruins 4 (OT)

I dont mean to shit on the Bruins, but the Sabres are literally the worst team in the NHL--they have the worst record and the least amount of points in the league.

Not only that, but their backup goalie, Jhonas Enroth, got the start. The dude was 1-12-5 coming into this game. And in the end, he got the win. What the Christ.

After not watching a Bruins game for over two weeks, this is not the kind of game I wanted to see.  Now Im going to be pissy all day.

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The Bruins Are Reportedly Raising Some Season Ticket Prices By As Much As 44% For Next Season.

The hammer dropped Tuesday in regards to what Bruins faithful can expect to shell out in season ticket funds next season, and the news came with more angst than seeing Blake Wheeler cradle the puck. Based on reports from season-ticket holders, prices will increase anywhere from 17 to 44 percent next season, likely pricing many fans out for the tickets, which currently boast a waiting list.

I understand that all teams raise ticket prices.  And I understand that the Bruins spend right up to the cap and that they put a good product on the ice, but this is flat out gauging.  I mean, Jeremy Jacobs is basically telling Bruins fans to bend over and take one up the ass.

What really burns my ass is that the guy is already a billionaire (not a millionaire, but a billionaire. Google it).  There is no need for a man this rich to treat the fans like shit.  This isnt "just business," this is pure greed.

Anyone renewing their season tickets for next season must feel like absolute shit right now because they are basically supporting a man who makes Mr Burns look like a nice guy.  Remember, this is the same prick who was a major player in the lockout last season. But I digress.

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Its Been A Long 17 Days

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Your Aaron Hernandez News Of The Day

From TMZ:
Aaron Hernandez ATTACKED another inmate at Bristol County Jail earlier today ... and we're told he beat the guy up pretty good ... sources tell TMZ Sports.

Sources tell us the former New England Patriots tight end -- who is usually segregated from the general population -- was allowed to take a walk in an isolated hallway ... but somehow came into contact with another inmate.

We're told Hernandez recognized the other inmate and launched into an attack -- beating the other man up pretty badly.

This has to be the most non-shocking story Ive heard in a long time. Yawn.

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Red Sox Players Wore "Turn The Fucking Page" Shirts Today And No One Covering The Team Had The Balls To Post A Picture.The Red Sox Beat Writer Have Failed Us.



This is a perfect example of why Masshole Sports deserves a press pass.  These corporate types are failing us.  They really are.  If I were down there in Fort Myers, Id post that picture in a second. 

It seems like there is a ton of information about this Red Sox team that these uptight pricks simply dont report.  Last season, Red Sox players wore "famous as fuck" shirts around the clubhouse and the only reason we knew was because David Ortiz got his jersey ripped off after walk-off and the camera accidentally got a shot of it:

The beat writers who were around the team all season knew about it.  They just didnt have the balls to mention it.

And the Red Sox clubhouse anthem last season was "Started At The Bottom" by Drake, but you wouldnt know it if it werent for Masshole Sports.  Not one writer in the mainstream media wrote about it.  Probably because there were, to use Nick Cafardo's phrase, "bad words" in it.

We arent hearing anything about the culture or the personality of this Red Sox team because these uptight, corporate beat writers are so out of touch.  They act like parents trying to protect their kids (the fans) from a world of profanity and pop culture that we already know exists.

It's a damn shame, it really is.  I mean, these beat writers have to let their balls out and loosen up.  Either that or the Red Sox need to start start issuing press passes to bloggers like me.  Its time.

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Meanwhile, In Celtics News...

If you're a millionaire and celebrating your birthday, you can do it in a lot worse places than the city of Los Angeles. That's what Boston Celtics' point guard Rajon Rondo did this past weekend when he turned 28 on Saturday.
Instead of accompanying the team from Los Angeles to Sacramento for Saturday's game, Rondo opted to stay in LA and miss attending the game against the Kings. He wasn't going to play in the game against the Kings anyway, because it was the second night of a back-to-back and he's still working his way back from his ACL tear. There's one little problem with that: He apparently didn't have permission from the team to skip the trip to Sacramento.

The story should be that the Celtics front office were kinda douchey and didnt give Rajon Rondo permission to skip a meaningless game (in a meaningless season) on his birthday.  But the media just loves to shit on Rajon Rondo.

Seriously, if the Celtics were in contention I might be bullshit right now.  But Ive accepted the fact that this is a throwaway season.  Everyone else should too.

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So, The Olympics Are Over...

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VIDEO: David Ortiz Let Japanese Comedian Hironari Yamazaki Wear His Gold Chain And The Dude Nearly Lost His Shit.

Even the security guard in the background is laughing his balls off.

So, This Happened.

I Hear The Weather In Boston Is Pretty Shitty Right Now.

One week down, one week to go. Not that Im rubbing in (actually I am).

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This is not a joke.   Im heading down to Florida for a few weeks.

This shitty weather combined with the fact that the Bruins dont play again until February 26th makes this THE most depressing time of the year and I cant take it.

Unfortunately, Masshole Sports is a one man operation so when I go on vacation, this site goes on vacation too.  Ill be back for the Bruins next game on February 26th.  Adios, my fellow Massholes.

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Because Shitting On The Broncos Never Gets Old

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FINAL: Bruins 7 Senators 2

The Bruins absolutely, unequivocally made the Senators their bitch.  Six different Bruins scored goals--Jarome Iginla, Chris Kelly, Milan Lucic, Brad Marchand, Carl Soderberg and Patrice Bergeron (2).  What a friggin awesome win and a great way to go into the Olympic break.

VIDEO: Kevan Miller Absolutely Beat The Shit Out Of Zach Smith

I actually feel bad for Zach Smith.  I really do.  I dont think he had any idea what he was getting into.

Today Is "Truck Day" At Fenway Park. Here Is A Pic Of The First Equipment Truck Getting Ready To Leave For Fort Myers.

That's very Massholey of them.

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The Prick Who Tried To Hijack A Plane And Re-Route It To Sochi Was Wearing A Canadiens Jersey. I Shit You Not.

Figures.  They're all douchebags and wackjobs.  Remember, these are the same people who called 911 to report that Zdeno Chara had committed a crime when he checked a guy during a hockey game.

PHOTO: Jonny Gomes Got A New Tattoo. And It Is Wicked Badass.

Jonny Gomes is a crazy bastid. This is his new tattoo.

How do I know this is Jonny Gomes' tattoo and not just some random Masshole? Because Mike Napoli said so.

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REPORT: The Red Sox Are Changing Their Road Uniforms. IN OTHER NEWS: Who Really Gives A Shit?

The Red Sox are changing their road uniforms from this:

Back to this:

Seriously, anyone who bitches and moans about this has bigger issues in their lives.

Aaron Hernandez Was In Court Again Today. And Again, He Was Laughing And Smiling With His Lawyer. What The Frig Is Wrong With This Guy?

From ESPN:
Former NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez is due for another appearance in a Massachusetts court on the murder charge he faces.
A hearing is scheduled in Fall River Superior Court on Friday afternoon. Prosecutors are seeking recordings of Hernandez's jailhouse phone calls, in which he allegedly communicated about the case in "coded messages" and discussed his belief about his criminal liability.

All I can do is roll my eyes.

John Farrell Was On ESPN Today. I Watched It With The Closed Captioning On.

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This Has To Be Said: Torey Krug Is A Scrappy Bastid With Big Brass Balls.

First, TJ Oshie absolutely flattened Torey Krug:

Then Torey Krug gave him a "bear hug":

Torey Krug has ball.  Big brass ones.

Well, Zdeno Chara Made It To Sochi.

Im not even going to bitch and moan about him missing two Bruins games.  The guy has done a lot for the Bruins since he's been here.  He has been a team first guy for a long time.  In the grand scheme of things, it would have been douchey if the Bruins front office didnt let him do this.

VIDEO: Torey Krug, Johnny Boychuk And Tuukka Rask Chant "Tuukka."

Behind The B is a friggin awesome show. It really is.

The Super Bowl Ring Of The Cameraman In Spygate Is Being Auctioned Off. Who The Hell Would Want That Ring?

From ESPN:
A Super Bowl ring given to the man whose eye was behind the lens of the infamous New England Patriots Spygate scandal is being sold at auction.
Goldin Auctions is selling the Super Bowl XXXIX ring once owned by Matt Estrella, who was an intern with the Patriots at the time. According to an affidavit signed by Estrella, who sold the ring in May 2012 to the person who consigned the ring to Goldin for the auction, he worked for the team as an assistant in the team's video department until 2009.

I have no idea who the hell would want this ring.  First of all its a constant reminder of the bullshit trolling we have to deal with as Patriots fans.  Secondly, it's a cheap assed ring.

The description on the auctioneers website says, "the team was presented with enormous rings, similar to this one presented to a member of the Patriots front office. This ring contains CZ faux diamonds, but still remains a magnificent and beautiful ring."

Lets be serious, the ring isnt worth shit.  Not in terms of sentimental value or real value.  Im stunned that the high bid right now is $5,700. 

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VIDEO: These Idiots Think Tom Brady Played In The Super Bowl...And That They Added A Fifth Quarter To The Game.

Jimmy Kimmel's "Lie Witness News" strikes again...

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Roger Clemens, Nomar Garciaparra, Pedro Martinez, and Joe Castiglione Will Be Inducted Into The Red Sox Hall Of Fame. Yes, I Said Roger Clemens. Well, This Is Going To Be Awkward.

I understand that he didnt start using until he signed with the Blue Jays in 1997 and I get that he isnt being inducted into the “good guy” Hall of Fame but, the guy doesnt deserve this honor.

Not only is Roger Clemens a known steroid user, but the guy is one of the biggest pricks in the history of Major League Baseball. To this day, he denies ever using. He is a pathetic excuse for a human being and he treats us like we are the assholes.

I feel bad for Nomar Garciaparra, Pedro Martinez, and Joe Castiglione. I really do. The fact that they have to share this special moment with one of the biggest frauds in the history of Major League baseball and one of the faces of the steroid era is a damn shame.

I should be talking about how incredibly dominant Pedro Martinez was despite the fact that about 90% of the guys he pitched to were juicing. Or how Nomar Garciaparra always played the game the right way. Or how how Joe Castiglione covered baseball with grace and integrity.

But I just cant get it out of my head that these three class acts will be going into the Red Sox Hall of Fame along side a guy whose face belongs on the Mount Rushmore of steroids.

The Red Sox Hall of Fame should be something sacred.  And the fact that Roger Clemens will be forever enshrined in there makes it look like a friggin joke.  I wonder if Brian McNamee will donate Clemens' use syringe.  He should.

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LEAKED: Roger Clemens Red Sox Hall Of Fame Plaque

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Pissed Off About Having To Shovel Your Car Out? Maybe This Will Make You Feel Better.


Because Shitting On The Broncos Never Gets OId

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FINAL: Bruins 3 Canucks 1

Sure, this game didnt have the intensity of a Stanley Cup Final and sure, the Canucks suck right now (they've now lost 5 straight games) but its always feels good to beat those bitches from Vancouver.

Milan Lucic, Jarome Iginla and Daniel Paille all scored for the Bruins and Tuukka Rask had 27 saves in the win.  The Bruins are now 7-1-1 in their last nine games and have a six point lead over the Tampon Bay Lighting for first place in the Atlantic Division.  Pissa.

VIDEO: Tuukka Rask Makes Daniel Sedin His Bitch Then Literally 10 Seconds Later, Jarome Iginla Makes Roberto Luongo His Bitch. That Was Pissa.

If Sportscenter actually played NHL highlights, this would be in their Top 10 today.  And it would probably get bonus points for the Jack Edwards sportsgasm at the end.


Brad Marchand Says There Is "Definitely Some Hatred" For The Canucks. He Just Continues To Bust Their Balls. This Guy Is Pissa.

The last time the Bruins played the Canucks was December 14th in Vancouver.  And Brad Marchand was being a wicked ball buster.

First, he kissed an imaginary Stanley Cup ring:

Brad Marchand Kisses Imaginary Ring on Make A Gif

Then, he kissed an imaginary Stanley Cup:

Marchand Imagirary Stanley Cup 01 on Make A Gif

Marchand isnt just a ball buster on the ice.  Earlier this week, her went on the record and said, "“I think there’s definitely some hatred for that team and they have it for us. You’ve got to want to hate the other team, and that’s what makes you want to push so hard to win that game."

He's taking ball busting to a whole new level.  Now he is just tring to mindfuck the Canucks.  I really hope it works.  I really hope the Canucks come to the Garden with Marchand's antics and words in the back of their minds and play like shit tonight.

The Bruins Are Playing The Canucks At The Garden Tonight. Here Are The Projected Lineups.

The Latest Poll Results Are In

Someday, every one of Peyton Manning's records will be broken.  And someday he will take his rightful place in history.  Peyton Manning will simply be known as a guy who won a Super Bowl once.  That's it.  Nothing more.

Ive been saying for years that he wont go down as one of the all-time great quarterback and it's nice to see people are starting to slowly take their heads out of their own asses and see the light.

The bottom line is, you cant take away Tom Brady's three Super Bowl wins.  And you can't take away the fact that he is the only quarterback to have 16 regular season wins in a single season.  Those two accomplishments define him and will stand the test of time.

Peyton Manning's "legacy" will slowly slip into oblivion over time.  He knows it.  Hell, Andrew Luck is probably going to break all of Manning's Colts franchise records.  So in the end, Peyton Manning wont even be known as the greatest quarterback in the history of the Colts.

That Super Bowl loss on Sunday meant everything to him and his "legacy."  Man, it must suck to be him today.  I wonder if he's started popping Prozac yet. 

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Apparently Russians Dont Want Men To Piss Standing Up Or To Fish in Their Toilets. Communism Sucks.

This is an actual sign in a bathroom in Sochi:

via @SebToots

I understand not wanting people to go fishing for shit or to take upper deckers (you know, when you take a shit in the top portion of the toilet).  But men can't even piss standing up?  Damn communism sucks.

I Think I Just Had A Mini Sportsgasm...


A Bruins Canadiens game at Gillette Stadium would be friggin epic.

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The New York Daily News Deserves An Award For Their Headline Today. This Kind Of Genius Should Not Be Ignored.

Im kicking myself for not thinking of this.

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Okay, That Was Friggin Awesome.

Maybe Im spoiled, I dont know. But in my mind, that you are defined by championships.  Sure, Peyton Manning has all the records but he has one friggin championship.  And in a game that a lot of people said would define his legacy, he threw one touchdown, two interceptions and lost. 

At 37 years old, I think his legacy has officially been defined.  The guy is a loser.  He preys on nobodies in meaningless regular season games that, in the grand scheme of things, no one remembers.  Then when he has a chance to catapult himself into "elite" status, he shits his pants.  That is a fact.  And that is Peyton Manning in a nutshell.

This should shut up the Manning ball washers once and for all and end all those stupid arguments about him being better than Tom Brady.  Peyton Manning is not on Tom Brady's level.  Period.  End of discussion.  No need to debate.

His performance in Super Bowl XLVIII will go down in NFL history as one of the most pathetic choke jobs in the history of Super Bowls.  He was the quarterback for one of the most prolific regular season offenses the NFL has ever seen.  Then, with his legacy, and the legacy of this Broncos offense, on the line, he shat the bed.

Im sorry, but when a guy throws 55 regular season touchdowns and then one in the Super Bowl, all you can do is shake your head, laugh and say, "what a friggin loser."

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And Now For A Collection Of Manning Faces From Super Bowl XLVIII

And here's an Eli Face just for shits and giggles:

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