Brad Marchand Says There Is "Definitely Some Hatred" For The Canucks. He Just Continues To Bust Their Balls. This Guy Is Pissa.

The last time the Bruins played the Canucks was December 14th in Vancouver.  And Brad Marchand was being a wicked ball buster.

First, he kissed an imaginary Stanley Cup ring:

Brad Marchand Kisses Imaginary Ring on Make A Gif

Then, he kissed an imaginary Stanley Cup:

Marchand Imagirary Stanley Cup 01 on Make A Gif

Marchand isnt just a ball buster on the ice.  Earlier this week, her went on the record and said, "“I think there’s definitely some hatred for that team and they have it for us. You’ve got to want to hate the other team, and that’s what makes you want to push so hard to win that game."

He's taking ball busting to a whole new level.  Now he is just tring to mindfuck the Canucks.  I really hope it works.  I really hope the Canucks come to the Garden with Marchand's antics and words in the back of their minds and play like shit tonight.