Some Dude Is Threatening To Sue The Red Sox Over The Use Of "B Strong" Unless They Compensate His Charity. I Shit You Not.

Gary Aboud, father of Braden Aboud who died in 2007, said the foundation [The Braden Aboud Memorial Foundation] has been in legal discussions with the baseball team for several months over "B STRONG," which has been trademarked by the foundation for almost seven years.

The Red Sox have offered a joint-licensing agreement that would recognize the Braden Aboud Foundation as the owners of "B STRONG," and allow the baseball team to use it.

Aboud said they may have to file a lawsuit within the next couple of months against the Red Sox and Major League Baseball.  "We're at an impasse and I'm afraid soon we will be going to court over it. The hold up is any compensation for the foundation," Gary Aboud said.  "It is becoming almost a full-time job to protect this name."

Is this guy a douche or is he just protecting his brand?  Im honestly confused.  I mean, he turned down a joint-licensing agreement and then says that he wants the Red Sox to give money to his charity.  Im not a lawayer, but this reeks of extortion.

And honestly, the two logos look nothing alike.  There is no way someone in Texas would confuse the Red Sox "B Strong" with the Braden Aboud Memorial Foundations "B Strong."

I dont know, Im leaning towards thinking that this guy is just a prick.

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