The Bruins Are Reportedly Raising Some Season Ticket Prices By As Much As 44% For Next Season.

The hammer dropped Tuesday in regards to what Bruins faithful can expect to shell out in season ticket funds next season, and the news came with more angst than seeing Blake Wheeler cradle the puck. Based on reports from season-ticket holders, prices will increase anywhere from 17 to 44 percent next season, likely pricing many fans out for the tickets, which currently boast a waiting list.

I understand that all teams raise ticket prices.  And I understand that the Bruins spend right up to the cap and that they put a good product on the ice, but this is flat out gauging.  I mean, Jeremy Jacobs is basically telling Bruins fans to bend over and take one up the ass.

What really burns my ass is that the guy is already a billionaire (not a millionaire, but a billionaire. Google it).  There is no need for a man this rich to treat the fans like shit.  This isnt "just business," this is pure greed.

Anyone renewing their season tickets for next season must feel like absolute shit right now because they are basically supporting a man who makes Mr Burns look like a nice guy.  Remember, this is the same prick who was a major player in the lockout last season. But I digress.

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