Former Canuck (And Current Canadien) Dale Weise Is Talking Shit About The Bruins. This Doesn't Surprise Me At All.

From WEEI:
Habs forward Dale Weise shared after Montreal’s morning skate Monday that the Canadiens actually wanted the Bruins to win Saturday night against the Coyotes so the Habs could have the opportunity to snap the streak Monday night at TD Garden.

"We were checking the score the other night against Phoenix, and Phoenix was up going into the third period and we were kind of hoping Boston would come back and win so we would get the chance to knock them off," €Weise said.

Professional hockey players are supposed to be just that:  professionals.   You respect your opponent and you play the game.  That's it.  The trash talking is supposed to be left to the fans and bloggers like me.  Which is why Dale Weise taking verbal jabs at a team that has just won 12 straight games just makes him look like a wicked big douche.

Honestly, Im not surprised to hear this clown running his mouth.  Remember, Weise is the guy who once baited Shawn Thornton into dropping his gloves and then skated away like a whiney little bitch. Here's the video where you can actually read his lips when he says, "lets go, let's go."

I reiterate, this guy is a douche bag.