REPORT: David Ortiz Has Agreed To A Contract Extension That Could Keep Him Here Through 2017.

From ESPNBoston:
According to multiple sources, Ortiz agreed to a $16 million extension for the 2015 season, a $1 million bump from the $15 million he will be paid in 2014. Also in place are options for the 2016 and 2017 seasons that will vest if Ortiz achieves a certain number of plate appearances. If Ortiz triggers the option years, he will remain under Red Sox control into his 40s

Thank friggin God.  My biggest fear was that David Ortiz would finish out his contract this year and then the Yankees would throw a ton of money at him next year just to piss us off.  But nope, he is basically going to retire as a member of the Red Sox.  That is pissa.

I dont even care that Ortiz bitches about getting an extension every spring training.  The guy is the face of this franchise, he makes the owners a ton of money by putting asses in the seats and he still produces.  And now he is going to finish his career here in Boston.

The Red Sox front office did the right thing.  Period.  End of story.

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